Rich Velvety Intensive Moisture Multipurpose Balm
Rich Velvety Intensive Moisture Multipurpose Balm
Rich Velvety Intensive Moisture Multipurpose Balm
Rich Velvety Intensive Moisture Multipurpose Balm

Rich Velvety Intensive Moisture Multipurpose Balm

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The Rich Velvety Intensive Moisture Multipurpose Balm

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Velvety Rich

A rich, highly soothing and deeply moisturizing multi-functional powered by 100% plants balm for damaged due to skin disorders, environmental exposure, and very dry skin. 100% plant therapy treatment designed to gently treat a myriad of skin conditions targeting dryness, itchy, flaky, blotched, irritated and cracked skin. Deep skin replenishing moisture delivers skin plant nutrients to help strengthen skin’s natural barrier, soothe, retain moisture and deeply hydrate the skin.

Cupuaçu Ultra-rich in oleic acid tropical superfruit that aids thirsty, excessively dry and damaged skin. Helps treat, restore elasticity and retain moisture.

Red Reishi Mushroom An adaptogenic mushroom that helps combat stress, fortifies skin against oxidative damage, fights bacteria, and boost skin's own natural hydration.

Green Tea Camellia Seed Fortifies skin against oxidative damage, moisturizes, boost skin’s collagen production, fights inflammation and helps restore skin’s silky smooth texture.

Illipe It’s rich in palmitic acid which help maintain skin healthy and youthful by fortifying skin’s natural protectant barrier and penetrating nutrient-dense moisture.

Laminaria  The ocean’s beauty secret draws our toxicity and impurities, shrink pores and gives skin a supple and firming lift that leaves skin looking absolutely refreshed and radiant.

Marshmallow Root The mucilage works as an emollient that intensely hydrates, balances, and boost cellular repair keeping skin supple.

Goldenseal Ultra-soothing herb that is high in antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties helps skin fight against skin disorders, soothe, protect and kill bacteria.


  • Softened fine lines and wrinkles
  • Calmed soft skin 
  • Softer skin
  • Relieved skin
  • Moisturized
  • Soothed irritated skin
  • Protected skin

Suitable for most skin types

1.7 oz


Apply anywhere on your body where skin is itchy, dry, and cracked plus where you feel your skin needs extra protection, moisture and love.

For lasting and best results, avoid moisture/water get in the jar.


In colder months, apply where your skin is mostly exposed to dry wind, cold temperature, and water.

Clean | Vegan | Plant-Based | Non-Toxic



Sweet Almond

Sea Kelp


Red Reishi Mushroom





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