Rejuvenating Support - Peluzzi Organica
Rejuvenating Support - Peluzzi Organica
Rejuvenating Support - Peluzzi Organica
Rejuvenating Support - Peluzzi Organica
Rejuvenating Support - Peluzzi Organica

Rejuvenating Support

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Rejuvenating Support helps restore the skin’s natural rejuvenation process of retaining hydration, cellular regeneration, strengthening extracellular matrix and protection of the elements. A $226 value

Revitalize Absolute Hydration Face Oil the scarlet drop is potent with a multifunctional botanical alliance that profusely moisturizes, nourished, brightens, revitalizes, comforts, and aids in the prevention of premature aging achieving an alluring healthy complexion. More details

Sea Water Restorative Marine Mask maintains skin’s health, beauty and radiance with a vital boost of supercharged marine actives plus 100% whole plant photochemistry. The abundant in sea minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and active enzymes are proven to effectively protect from premature aging, instantly soak thirsty skin, purify, neutralize radiation exposure, help prevent and soften wrinkles. More details

Beauty Sleep Crème Fresh Renewal Night Cream boosts your Beauty Sleep at a cellular level with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and dynamic fusion of anti-inflammatory, regenerative and repairing bio-active compounds. A soothing, recovering, strengthening and sealing deep hydration with the aid of chamazulene, palmitic acid, and pantothenic acid that help improve skin's texture, mend, fight inflammation, promote skin to naturally retain moisture. More details


  1. Face Oil - Daily use about 1 to 2 pumps, gently rub between palms and gently press over face, neck, and decollete, and massage with fingertips.
  2. Beauty Sleep Crème - Before bed, warmly activate a small amount by rubbing between your hands and apply liberally on your face, neck and décollète.
  3. Sea Water Restorative Marine Mask - Suitable for dry and most skin complexions. To activate the mask use one scoop of powder add it in a small bowl then add drops of warm water until it forms a soft paste. Massage over cleansed skin and relax until it dries. Then with warm water to rehydrate the mask and gently massage the mask off. Finish with a cool rinse to complete the treatment, then follow with a moisturizer.

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