Diamond Bright Eye Illuminator - Peluzzi Organica
Diamond Bright Eye Illuminator - Peluzzi Organica
Diamond Bright Eye Illuminator - Peluzzi Organica
Diamond Bright Eye Illuminator - Peluzzi Organica

Diamond Bright Eye Illuminator

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For instant brightening and youthful nourishment, the Diamond Bright Eye Illuminator is a multipurpose wonder for the skin around your eyes. It instantly diminishes dullness, tiredness, provides lifted appearance plus illuminating effects while nourishes with protective and revitalizing plant benefits.

Powered with 100% organic active botanicals makes the Diamond Bright Eye Illuminator potent in antioxidants, phytonutrients and adaptogen botanicals to help strengthen delicate skin, enhance a youthful, natural and fresh appearance around the eyes while instantly minimizing dullness, fine lines, and dark spots.


  • Softened fine lines and wrinkles
  • Natural Brighter complexion
  • Smoother
  • Locked in moisture
  • Delayed premature aging
  • Reduced the appearance of pore, wrinkles and fine lines
  • Helps reduce the look of tiredness and dullness

Suitable for most skin complexions


Hibiscus Petals A natural source alpha-hydroxy acids, antioxidants and mucilage promotes skin renewal, fights against environmental stressors and maintains skin supple and bright.

Korean Ginseng Root High in insenosides compound keeps skin healthy and looking plumped and smooth by increasing collagen and hyaluronic acid production. It prevents premature aging effects by decreasing photoaging.

Chamomile Soothing compounds helps calm irritation and redness and antioxidants help the skin fight against environmental stressors that accelerate premature aging.

Marula Nut Rich in omega 3 fatty acid deeply moisturizes dry skin, increases elasticity and helps maintain it supple. Antioxidants help protect skin from premature aging and maintain the skin’s radiance.


.25 oz


Apply a small amount until the desired level of brightness is achieved. It can be applied before applying eye makeup as an eye primer or use it without makeup for a natural brighter look.

Before eye makeup, dab a small amount with your finger around the eyelids and under the eye. Allow your skin to absorb it before applying eyeshadow.

Alone without makeup dab a small amount with your finger on corners of each eye and if you prefer over your eyelids.


For the best results, be sure to moisturize before applying.

Clean | Vegan | Plant-Based | Non-Toxic

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