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Calming Rich Body Crème Borage & Pomegranate Bio-Active Complex

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The rich, soft, and velvety texture readily melts into the skin, leaving it feeling soft, cushioned and smooth to the touch. It instantly comforts, helps diminish the appearance of cellulite, protects, and boost cellular turnover by helping the skin absorb hydration, combat excess free radicals, promote circulation, and healing.

This formula combines the gamma-linolenic, antioxidants, calming and anti-inflammatory properties of Borage and Pomegranate without any essential oils and perfumes.



Suitable for sensitive, dry, and norma skin type. 


After bath and showering scoop coin-sized dollop and activate by gently rub between palms then massage into slightly damp skin distribute evenly from the bottom up paying attention to dry areas and apply more as needed.

Clean | Vegan | Natural | Non-Toxic

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