Balance Turmeric + Mint Makeup Cleansing Oil Travel Mini - Peluzzi Organica

Balance Turmeric + Mint Makeup Cleansing Oil Travel Mini

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First step of deep cleansing oil.

Gently remove layers of dirt, makeup, pollutants and residues. Lightweight and silky plant oils melt away impurities, makeup and dirt. Abundant in antioxidants, clarifying, and purifying bio-actives prevent blemishes and diminish visible signs of aging.


With continuous use, a gradual transformation can be touched and seen. The skin will feel smoother, clearer appear brighter, less oily and congested.


Beneficial aromatic therapy of peppermint and lavender refreshes, uplifts the mood and invigorates the senses.


Pump 2-3 drops of oil, activate by massaging for 1 minute onto dry face to dissolve makeup and dirt. Remove with cotton pad, rinse with water and follow with a soap cleanser  



Conscientiously crafted with the power of the sun.

Formulated with globally sourced certified organic whole plant, raw, cold-pressed and unrefined botanicals and ingredients. 

An impeccably minimal and slow process to preserve the delicate elemental actives including beneficial nutrients, antioxidants, adaptogens, and essential fatty acids.

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