Our Story

I was searching for a better understanding of my physical and mental health and well-being. I was born highly sensitive to the internal and external environment. Stress levels have always been high, partly manifested on my skin as eczema. I tried prescribed medications that only worsened my symptoms. I wanted to target the root of the cause, not the symptoms. So, it made sense to immerse myself in studying plant medicine. I was fascinated by the wisdom of Native American medicine, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine. I appreciated the healing power of the plants and our natural environment that comes from the sun to the human touch.

Becoming conscious of what I consumed and my surroundings, I adopted a more natural lifestyle. My appreciation for herbs grew deeper, for their capabilities and beneficial life force energy. It became clear to me to enrich my diet with fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables.
Organic SkincareIn the meantime, I have always prepared my skin treatments at home using natural ingredients such as honey, oils, and fresh fruit. So, with a deeper understanding of plant nutrition and herbal energetics, I was searching for a skincare line that would meet a list of expectations. I desired nutrient-dense, therapeutic, cruelty-free, plant-based, clean, and toxic-free skin care products. The products marketed as "natural" contained unhealthy synthetic ingredients and other questionable ingredients. I wanted to find a product line that positively target skin issues and well-being. My recipes worked well for me for many years. I also wanted my skin care products to be luxurious and relaxing.
My standards became higher, so I took the challenging project of perfecting my beloved skin care recipes into consistent formulas. I use ingredients backed by modern science and incorporate traditional plant medicine into my family's skincare and wellness. I fell in love with the process and the results. I loved gifting treatments that were working and was determined to solve everyone's issues. So, I started to listen and tailor my formulas to meet their needs, well-being, and desires. After some time, I was encouraged by my dear friends and my husband Sergio to share them with the world.
Peluzzi Organica


In 2016, I officially launched Peluzzi Organica. Since launching, I have worked to evolve, grow, and expand my wisdom and knowledge by listening to clients and have continued to further my education to elevate not just our products but our services and your experience with us.


Founder and Owner