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Peluzzi Organica

I was in the search of a better understanding of my health and well-being. I was born highly sensitive to internal and external environments. Since I was young, my stress levels were always high, it partly manifested in my skin as eczema. I immersed myself in studying plant medicine and became fascinated by the wisdom of native American, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine. I deeply appreciated not only the power of healing plants posses but our natural environment from the sun to the human touch.

I adopted a more natural lifestyle and gradually became mindful of the things I consumed. My appreciation for plants grew deeper. I was intrigued by all of their capabilities including their beneficial life force energy. It made sense to me to enrich my diet of mostly fresh plant-based food for its super high nutrient value.

Organic Skincare

 In the meantime, I was looking for a skincare line that offered fresh nutrient-densed, therapeutic, cruelty-free, plant-based, clean, and toxic-free products. Most of the products marketed as natural contain unhealthy chemicals, human and animal derived ingredients. I wanted to find a product line that will target many skin issues with a positive effect on my family's and my well-being. My recipes worked for me many years but wanted something more complete and luxurious. My standards became higher so I took the challenging project of perfecting my beloved skin care recipes into consistent formulas. I use ingredients backed by modern science and incorporating traditional plant medicine into my and my family's skincare and wellness. fell in love with the process and the results. I loved gifting what was working for me and wanted to solve everyone's issues. So, I started to listen and tailor my formulas to meet their needs, wellbeing and desires. Then I was encouraged by my dear friends and my husband Sergio to share them with the world, so in 2016 I officially launched Peluzzi Organica.


Founder and Owner

Peluzzi Organica