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Detox Rehab Pore Purifying Volcanic Mask

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The Detox Rehab Pore Purifying Volcanic Mask

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Free your skin from toxic overload. Our skin is exposed to countless skin damaging pollutants. Toxic residues, airborne particles, dirt, and innumerable pollutants are bioaccumulative. Consequently, skin’s healthy natural abilities to protect, fight and renew become powerless increasing the chance of skin disorders, acne, irritation and signs accelerated aging.

Reverse the toxic effects and disburden, transform with potent a skin detoxing, purifying and renewal coaction. Target signs of skin toxicity and purify skin to help diminish spots, dullness, premature wrinkles, disturbed sebum production, impurities, dirt and excess oils.

Just add water

The mask is highly concentrated without fillers, stabilizers and preservatives, it’s designed in the strongest natural pure form. Therefore, with each use you simply add water to active it.

Clean | Vegan | Plant-Based | Non-Toxic

Volcanic Ash Clay Removes excess oils and impurities that causes blackheads and acne. Diminishes oily skin by regulating skin’s sebum production. Fights pathogens, absorbs toxins and binds dangerous heavy metals. Reinforces skin with nourishing minerals.

Winter Cherry  An adaptogenic root that fortifies skin against oxidative damage, fights bacteria, and boost skin's own natural and healthy hydration.

Activated Bamboo Charcoal Its negative charged porous surface binds and traps positive charged impurities and toxins. Trapped toxins are eliminated when washed away.

Yamabushitake Mushroom  An adaptogenic mushroom fortifies the skin against oxidative damage and its rich in polysaccharides which enhances hydration and skin's natural ability to retain water.

Marshmallow Root The mucilage works as an emollient that intensely hydrates, balances, and boost cellular repair keeping skin supple.



  • Balanced sebum
  • Brighter complexion
  • Softer skin
  • Reduced large pores
  • Diminished blemishes 
  • Detoxed and deeply cleansed skin

Suitable for oily and most skin complexions

1.7 oz


To activate the mask use one scoop of powder add it in a small bowl then add drops of distilled warm water until it forms a soft paste. Massage over cleansed and dry skin and relax until it dries. Then with warm water to rehydrate the mask and gently massage mask off. Finish with a cool rinse to complete the treatment, then follow with a moisturizer. 

Ideal for oily and combination complexions. Oily skin use twice a week.
Normal to combination skin use once a week. Not recommended for very dry or sensitive skin. For lasting and best results, avoid moisture/water get in the jar.

Approximately 20 -  26 uses


You may use the mask on any part of your body. Also, instead of water you may add aloe vera.

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